Dayne + Mary || Baltimore, Maryland Engagement

If having a “favorite couple” is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!!  I do think I get to have a free pass on this one though, because it’s my sister and almost brother-in-law.

Mary + Dayne met in early 2019… and by “met” I really mean “saw each other” because getting these two together took quite a bit of time.  They’re both surprisingly shy, so they really glanced at each other across the lobby at church and somehow ended up in the same circle of people (sometimes exchanging words, sometimes not) for months. EVENTUALLY, the first text happened (or Instagram message actually) and now, they’re saying “I DO” this September!!

Wait, were you hoping for more details?? You’ll have to wait to hear their full story when I finally convince them to be on my “So Tell Me Your Love Story” podcast! (Also, I have to save some of the good stuff for my MOH speech in just a few short months!)

Mary + Dayne’s wedding has an industrial vibe, and knowing them and their style, I knew the PERFECT spot to take them for engagement photos.  We took a trip to Baltimore and hung out around these old, rusty, grungy looking buildings and I’m totally OBSESSED.  This spot fit their vibe perfectly, and I love making art out of something that may not be traditionally “appealing” or someone’s first thought for a perfect photo spot.  (You know I love things that feel unique and one-of-a-kind… hello Enneagram 4)

Anyway, if you love chippy-peely paint, rust, and industrial goodness (or if you just love Mary + Dayne like I do), then you’re going to LOVE this blog post. 2021-05-29_0004.jpg2021-05-29_0002.jpg2021-05-29_0008.jpg2021-05-29_0003.jpg2021-05-29_0012.jpg2021-05-29_0005.jpg2021-05-29_0007.jpg2021-05-29_0006.jpg


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