5 Tips for Taking Your Own Headshots/Content Photos While Stuck at Home

As a Business Branding photographer I truly believe that it is so important to show not just what you do. but also, who you are on your social media, your website, and in your marketing. During this time of Covid-19 where you’re unable to bring a photographer to you to capture your headshots and content photos, I want to share with you 5 times on taking your own cell phone shots at home. I’m here to help you keep up with that content!

(I did want to note that these tips are for simple “headshots with personality” photos. If you’re looking for more personalized, on-brand photos, click HERE and we can have a branding vision call to discuss scheduling your Business Branding Session for later this year.)

FIRST I want to share with you three of my favorite tools to get some awesome photos.

  1. PORTRAIT MODE – open up your camera and choose “portrait mode”. Then slide over to “studio light”. I love that this setting gives you a blurry background and a nice crisp subject.
  2. PHONE MOUNT – I have a phone mount that I can attach to almost any surface such as a window sill, table, shelf, etc. You can also bend the neck all around to get your phone in the perfect position that you need (linked below)
  3. REMOTE – Say goodbye to your self-timer! I use a bluetooth remote when using my phone for photos. It’s super easy to connect. I love that it is small and black which allows it to be super inconspicuous in photos. (I’m doing a giveaway for one of these bad boys over on my Insta! Go check it out… CLICK HERE!) (also linked below)

OK, so now that you have the tools, its time for the 5 tips to help you take your content photos at home! Are you ready?

  1. LIGHTING – make sure that you choose a spot with nice even lighting. That means no areas with spotty dark shadows or bright light. If you’re indoors, turn off artificial light sources such as lamps, overhead lights, etc. Use the natural light that comes in from windows, doors, etc. BONUS TIP: if your skin is looking a little too bright or blown out by the light, your can bring down the exposure or brightness by tapping on the screen over your face, and dragging that little sun down until the light looks better. You can actually lock in the focus and exposure by tapping on the screen and holding it down.
  2. POSING – if you want your photos to be fun and playful, you can play with your hair or dance around. show off that genuine smile. If you want your photos to look a little more formal, you can cross your arms across your chest and give a little smirk. Squaring up your shoulder will give you more of a masculine look. If you want a more feminine, slimming look, you and turn on shoulder towards the camera and drop that shoulder a tad. (I recorded a video which helps with the “visual” aspect of this tip. You can check that out on my IGTV, Facebook, or Youtube)
  3. ON-BRAND – make sure that you choose clothing and props that fit your brand. What this comes down to is your colors and your vibe. You, first, want to make sure that you’re choosing colors that match your social media feed, website, and marketing. you also want to make sure that the vibes match as well. What do I mean? If your website is very high-end/formal, you might not want to wear a flowy, boho outfit. Dress to match your brand.
  4. LOOSEN UP – turn on some music, dance it out, and HAVE FUN!! When you start to have a blast, you’re able to loosen up in front of the camera and be yourself. Which leads me to my last tip…
  5. KEEP PUSHING THAT BUTTON! – I always say to “shoot through the moment” and these shots are no exception. Keep taking photos when you’re laughing, when you “mess up”, when you’re being silly, etc. By capturing this you’re going to be able to show your followers and clients who you really are, and they’ll love that! The great thing about digital photography is that you can take, like, 80 photos (I know I do!) and if you like only 5 or 6, you still have content for a few weeks!!


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