Kellen + Sean || Engagement – The Anthem House – Baltimore, MD

This past Friday, in the *unexpected* snow fall, I made my way over to Baltimore, Maryland to photograph Kellen + Sean’s engagement session. We started at The Anthem House, the spectacular apartment building where the two of them live, and we ended at Little Havana, a small bar down the street. Not only were both locations super cool and out of the box, but, what I love most about them, is that they both hold a sentimental meaning to Sean’s proposal to Kellen.

First, let me tell you a bit about these two *because you know I have a weakness for love stories*. Kellen + Sean met on 3 year ago, and Kellen will be sure to tell you that Sean was her very first “match”. Their first date went super well, except for an odd, very drunk, unexpected visitor who interrupted their conversation and kept complimenting Kellen’s shirt. It was a sweater with some sparkly embellishment down the sleeve *this is important for later, so pay attention*. Eventually, this random person left them alone, but now, this “first date sweater” became a funny joke between the two of them.

Sean will really admit that he is a horrible liar and has never kept anything from Kellen. Well, this proposal was something he wanted to keep a secret, so he had a plan. He had a jeweler in NYC design Kellen’s ring *which is absolutely stunning by the way*. He couldn’t tell her that was where he was going though, because she would totally have known. So, he made up a story about going to visit a friend for the weekend, and he was smart enough to fill all his buddies in on the plan too, so that none of them blew his cover… and it worked!

Kellen and Sean went out for a date night to their favorite sushi restaurant and had planned on going to the Christmas Village nearby. Remember “the first date sweater” from earlier in the story? Well, Kellen wore this sweater, for no particular reason that night, but when she did, Sean was certain that she knew the proposal was coming. *she really had no clue!!*. Due to awful weather, they were unable to enjoy the Christmas village, and Sean decided he’d propose in the lobby of their apartment building. After he proposed *and she said YES*, he pulled out his phone which was playing Wham!’s “Careless Whisper” *any Deadpool fans out there??* which was the movie they had seen on their first date. Guys, don’t let Sean fool you, he’s definitely a romantic!!

After the proposal, they were headed over to Little Havana for drinks with his brother, but when they arrives, Sean surprised Kellen with the fact that he had invited both of their families to celebrate!

Kellen + Sean will be getting married later this fall in Baltimore, MD, and I am so excited to be able to continue to capture the milestones in their life!

Enjoy some photos from their fun engagement session below:



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