Shannon + Zack || Philadelphia Magic Gardens / Jurassic Park

Guys, you don’t want to miss out on this blog.  This isn’t one you’re going to want to close out half way through *c’mon, I know you do it… I’m not mad*.  This one’s going to bring a big ole smile to your face (i promise). I’ll make you a deal… if you see these pictures and a smile hits your face, you’ve got to give this blog a share… deal?

Just keep scrolling…

Shannon + Zack are way cooler than me, I can totally admit that, and once you see their session, you’ll agree. *it’s ok, once again, still not mad*.  Not only are they awesome, but they’re so in love, which made my job way too easy, though I’m definitely not complaining.  As if being super cool and in love wasn’t enough, they’re also a ton of fun and up for anything.  I mean, as a photographer, I literally couldn’t ask for anything more!


Shannon + Zack are saying “i do” in May, so I won’t spoil they’re whole love story now.  I’ll save it for their wedding blog, so you’ll just have to check back in.  When they emailed me and asked how I felt about photographing at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, I practically jumped off my couch I was so excited *true story, ask my husband*. I have always dreamed of photographing there, and man, was it so much better than I had even imagined.  Also, thank you Shannon + Zack, because now I’m obsessed and I already want to go back.  You’ve created a junk-loving, reflection-craving monster *haha*.

But guys, it gets better…

Towards the end of their sessions, Shannon told me they had some props in the car and they were wondering if they could grab them.  She said “So ______ ________ is my favorite movie, and we have costumes outside and we were wondering if we could put them on and run through the streets of Philly…”  My exact words… “what the heck are we still doing standing here??”  These guys are hilarious!!

Scroll to the bottom to see her favorite movie and their costumes…

C’mon, I know you’re smiling!! They’re awesome, right??

Remember our deal… if you smiled and enjoyed their Jurassic Park images, share this blog post. 🙂

Also, I know you’re totally jealous of Shannon’s T-Rex costume, so I went ahead and found it for you… you’re welcome.  Click HERE to be a T-Rex


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