It’s Time For OUR Love Story || Lydia + Dwayne || So Tell Me Your Love Story

This podcast episode has been, by far, the most requested so here ya go! My hubs, Dwayne, and I are finally jumping on the podcast to share OUR love story! This episode was so fun to record and I am literally SO psyched to share it with you!!

In Episode 13, we chat about the interesting place we met, how the “Crime Junkie” lovin’ girl I am should have ran after what I walked in to on our first date, and how he snuck into our family’s photos.  We also share details on our wedding day, the struggles we faced early on in marriage, and what we feel has had the biggest positive impact on our marriage thus far.

I cannot wait to hear what you think about this episode!!!

Below, you’ll see some photos throughout our relationship!! NOTE: All wedding photos are taken by the incredible Jake + Katie

PS: Listen to our episode HERE2021-04-28_0001.jpg2021-04-28_0002.jpg2021-04-28_0003.jpg2021-04-28_0004.jpg2021-04-28_0005.jpg2021-04-28_0006.jpg2021-04-28_0008.jpg2021-04-28_0011.jpg2021-04-28_0010.jpg2021-04-28_0009.jpg2021-04-28_0012.jpg2021-04-28_0013.jpg2021-04-28_0014.jpg2021-04-28_0015.jpg2021-04-28_0016.jpg2021-04-28_0017.jpg2021-04-28_0018.jpg


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